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June 9, 2011 / Mettā Reiki Center


Enter the players in this fun little hormonal triathlon…

(I call it a triathlon because apparently this fun little experience is divided into three challenges called “trimesters”.  As I am writing this, I am approaching week 6 of the first…challenge.)

1.  The Cougar.  Age 37.  Career woman, nicknamed “guard dog” at her job because of her physical appearance and “by the book” approach; pragmatic, politically opinionated, methodical; closet romantic.  Ten years out of an ugly divorce.  No kids.  Lives in an apartment in a big city, right in the center of a busy (and bat-shit crazy) world.  Five year plan is well in motion and making very good progress.

2.  The Lion King.  Age 41.  Hard-working, roll-with-the-punches, irresistibly handsome, openly affectionate, quick to laugh, comic book and movie lover that is fun-loving but also responsible.  Three years out of an ugly divorce (noticing a theme here?).  Two beautiful children, teenaged girls.  Lives in an apartment outside the city where anyone could hide from the world if they wanted to.  Five year plan is well in motion and making very good progress.

A couple of gods up there in the cosmos decided to have a little fun with those five-year plans and see what would happen if they put the Lion King and the Cougar together in the same cafe one evening.  In the parking lot of the cafe, Cougar and Lion King shared their first kiss, and in a boom of cosmic laughter, the gods toasted each other and sat back to watch the fun.


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  1. SilenceDogood2010 / Jun 29 2011 1:27 am

    Cougar you say….Hummmm! Cougars & Lions typically don’t get along you know, but this “politically opinionated” blogger wishes you two the very best.

    Respectfully submitted by SD2010

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