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August 30, 2011 / Mettā Reiki Center

18 weeks… “It’s a…*ahem*…oh, never mind!”


Amazing all that can happen in three short weeks.  And I thought my life was busy before I was pregnant.


I wanted to include the picture of Little Spartan from the 15 week ultrasound…for the second time in a row, the minute the ultrasound picture came up, our baby was waving at us.  Talk about lightening up an otherwise very stressful visit with the neonatologist/genetic counseling office.  Deep inside, I had to giggle…this kid was definitely going to have the combined mischief of it’s mommy AND daddy.   It wouldn’t have surprised me in the least had baby been shooting the bird at the ultrasound when the picture came up.


I am relieved to report that Little Spartan’s measurements were damn near perfect – and baby gave us a delightful show during the ultrasound as well.  We are thrilled – finally, a good report from Dr. McGrumpy’s office!


If you have the blessing (or curse) of seeing a neonatologist, you get to try out that cool “level 2” ultrasound where you MIGHT find out the gender earlier than with a standard sonogram.  We gave it our best shot this time around, but Little Spartan wasn’t going to give up the money shot just yet.  The ultrasound technician came awfully close, though, and said during the visit she had a “hunch”… “I’m willing to bet it’s a girl.”


We figured, ok, she’s got the experience and an eye for the subtle with these ultrasounds.  She was seeing a hamburger where I was seeing a pile of white clouds and fluttering legs.  Lion King took her word for it.


And I did too.   Well, sort of.


A dear friend who is also “with kitten” told me about this cool test you can get at the local drug store called “IntelliGender”.  Basically, you take your first morning pee, measure out 20cc, shoot the syringe of pee into this little bottle and swish it around.  If it’s bright orange, you have a girl.  If it’s murky green/brown, you have a boy.  For $40, I figured what the hell, it would do me good to have SOMETHING definite.  If the ultrasound lady said it was a girl and the IntelliGender test said it was a girl, why, we actually KNEW something about this pregnancy rather than the day by day “Oh God what is going to happen now?” we had been trudging through for the past four months.


So, I got up at 3am (when you’re peeing every 2 hours, 3am is usually that first morning pee) and did the test.  For science’s sake, of COURSE.  Lion King was getting ready for work.  I set the stopwatch.  Lion King, who at first chuckled as if I was nuts when I told him about the test, stood in the bathroom with me and waited for that all-important 5 minute mark.



Well.  That was all sorts of not helpful.  Damn it.


Lion King was more than a tad amused…laughing, he said later that the look on my face was as if someone had pulled the rug out from under me.  He couldn’t have been more right.  I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time, and was more than a little pissed off that I probably just wasted 40 bucks and we were back to square one of having absolutely no clue if the kid was going to be a girl or boy.  Don’t get me wrong – as long as there were 10 fingers and 10 toes, I’m good!  But a straight answer would have been fabulous.  For once.


Once Lion King could hold his laughter in, he had wise words.  “Baby, this is training for parenthood.  You’re not going to be able to predict or prepare for much of anything.  We’ll just have to wait until the baby is ready to show us.”


*Sigh*…so, the betting pool is on!  Next ultrasound is mid-September…maybe we’ll get our money shot?  (But considering how things have gone so far…well, we’ll just have to see.)



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  1. Baby Pickel / Aug 30 2011 7:45 pm


  2. julie / Aug 31 2011 3:34 am

    well said, Lion King..well said

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